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Health For Your Employees

A healthy workforce means happier, more productive, energized and engaged employees. The Pilgrim Method Wellness Program benefits employees of all ages through 6 approachable, comprehensive sessions focused on the pillars of wellness: vision, nutrition, meditation, movement, self-compassion, and community.

  • For companies with 100 employees or less to allow for coach-employee connection

  • Implementable takeaways and tips to help employees thrive

  • Guidance provided by Shea Rankin, functional medicine coach and creator of The Pilgrim Method, followed by open discussion

  • A safe and supportive space to ask questions and learn together

  • A focus on the 6 pillars of wellness that employees can tie into their everyday lives

  • Customizable for your companies needs

  • Results driven

  • Happier, healthier employees!

Yoga at Home

Gary Hegeman, CFO - Nashville, TN

We recently brought Shea in to host a 2 Day Corporate Wellness Retreat at Nashville Office Interiors.  Shea discussed the importance of diet, stress and movement.  It was without question the best thing we have ever done for our employees.  Shea immediately connected with our employees.  Everyone was totally engaged.  She followed up our Wellness Retreat with a 21-day challenge to improve diet, stress or movement.  It is not hyperbole to say that Shea changed people’s lives for the better.  There is a new excitement and positivity in our office.  I would highly recommend Shea.  

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