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The Pilgrim Method aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of services. We provide a health and fitness plan, and the positive reinforcement you need to make big lifestyle changes. Take a look at some of the services we offer, and please get in touch if you have any questions.

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This our signature wellness group.  It’s a collective wellness program that walks each group through our pillars of wellness: vision, nutrition, meditation & breath, movement, gratitude and self-compassion and lastly, community and relationships.  This program has a lasting effect on your wellness.  This program lasts 6 weeks, meeting once a week.

Yoga Group
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Healthy Living

Social connections not only give us pleasure, they also influence our long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet, and not smoking. Dozens of studies have shown that people who have social support from family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer. Our community is connected though the pursuit of wellness.  For a monthly fee you get unlimited access to our wellness community which includes seminars, social events and meet-ups.  It's about getting together and creating wellness.

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